2018 photo of my wife and I

Bulldogs from 1971

Sharonliners from birth

Nathan L. Queener

about me

Born on the Sharonline in Youngstown, Ohio April 6, 1957.  Graduated from North High School with the class of 1975.  Joined the United States Navy April 1975, active duty from June 1975 to July 2000.  Married Bernadette Marie Johnson, June 11, 1977.  Five children, Olivia, Jessica, Nathan O'Neal, Justin, and Charles, and eleven grand children.   Graduated from Youngstown State University with a BA in Education (summa), completed MA in History at Youngstown State University  (4.0 GPA).

   Lived up and down the east coast of the United States while in the Navy and traveled approximately 3/4 of the world.  Best place I have ever been (besides my wife's side) through the Straits of Magellan on a very cold day in December.  Worst place I have ever been, making concentric circles between the coasts of Cuba and Florida between midnight and 1:00 am knowing that three men trying to escape Cuba would die on a poorly constructed raft before we could find them.

   I am a Social Historian as opposed to those who document history through major events and major figures (annals).  I understand history to be the voices of those who are history by creating the families, neighborhoods, and communities that tell the human stories.  Through this approach to history we understand the major events, and the motivations of the major characters that are recorded in annals.  We have a remarkable past waiting to be uncovered, a history written by our fathers and mothers, and their mother's and father's.  Through them we can reach back  to the beginning of our time.