includes  a murder at a zoo from the animals perspective; a child who learns not to cross Big Mama; a story about facing fear; a deranged brother who acts upon his suspicions; a demented man who is visited by justice; a reminder of where blackness comes from; and an account of a school system high-jacked by the state.

King Of High Card Cut

and other selected writings

F R O Z E N    B R I D E S

A series of original essays

Frozen Brides (the team) introduces the main characters in the Frozen Brides' series.  The story opens with Mallory Gist arriving at Alagance Porter's penthouse apartment.  Mallory is a liaison for the police to Porter who is enlisted whenever there is a crime that is difficult to solve, and has an urgent need for resolution, arises.  Porter is a conflicted soul with a genius I,Q. redeemed only by the better angels that now surround him.   Mallory is there to ask for help when several unidentifiable frozen bodies dressed in bridal gowns are discovered around the city.

Frozen Brides (family business) takes Porter's and Mallory's attention away from the bodies being discovered periodically throughout the city.  Seth, Porter's extremely large, and in many ways, challenged son, asks his father to help find a missing love interest and her child.  

Frozen Brides (back to work) having solved the mystery of his son's love interest and her child, Porter finds himself atop of a talented team.  Still struggling with his inner demons he focuses his team's efforts on solving the mystery of the frozen brides.

Frozen Brides (the end of the beginning) is included in Frozen Brides (back to work) the search for who is behind the frozen brides mystery goes international.  Porter fully functioning team is an interesting and talented caste of characters.  Each of them has earned both Mallory's and Porter's respect, and each of them are devoted to Porter.  Finally, the team arrives at the source and reason for the frozen brides, and also acts as a vehicle for revenge for Porter.  In the end, Porter finds himself with new questions, with new mysteries to solve, and a team he can trust.


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(a perspective of poverty and class in the United States)

is exactly that,  a brief history of how voting and voting rights evolved over time in the United States.  The book exams the roots of voting pre-1776 and explores who was able to vote and when.  It also exams pivotal elections, delves into the electoral college system, outlines the structure of government, looks at judges and elections, and ends with attempts at voter suppression.

was written taking experiences from the class room and adult education.  In this book I stick to the basics and commonly accepted meanings of the document.  What is intended here is to provide the reader with a overview of the U. S. Constitution and hopefully make the reader curious enough to conduct their own research.

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Nathan L. Queener


United States Constitution

in the works....

The Man in the corner Knows My Name

and other writings

includes an introduction of Uncle Willie, the family story teller; a struggle between good and evil at a lodge; a road traveled best by daylight; a deadly game of cards; and a brief account of life no one cared about.  After five short poems there are two essays.  Change is about politics and Belief is about religion.

A statistical and real life examination of how the poor are perceived and live in the United States.  It also offers an economic and historic view of how the country's western-centric roots dominates the negative images of the impoverished.  Based on over two years of documented research (and a lifetime of global exposure), Poor is a quick read aimed at shedding light on those persons who rely on food giveaways, suffer an array of public programs, and stand on street corners holding cardboard signs.   In the end, Poor seeks to engage the reader in the search for real solution.   Come read with me.

Voting (a brief history)

Monte Croft

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