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I got up this morning

I left thoughts of rest behind

I got myself together

And walked out to face the sun

I shook my fist and said,

“Look out today here I come.”

Yesterday was a bad day

It tried to beat me into defeat

Yet I am standing here on yesterday

And all the yesterdays before, are beneath my feet.

My neck is stiff

My back is sore

The stiffness  is a consequence of living

The hurt is from the pain I bore

I don’t care if its winter’s wind

I don’t care if the sun shines or hides

I will gladly share this journey with you,

But be not bound, cause I can also walk alone.

And maybe by the time of the rising moon

I will be bent and bloody again

And maybe, echoed by the passing wind

I will loudly curse and moan

Then bent and bloody and bruised I’ll take to bed

and if on morrow’s break I rise again

I’ll throw my fist up to the sun

And say what I said before,

“I got up this morning.

Look out today, cause here I come.”

Today, Here I Come